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Reasons I am glad I stayed

As I turn 25 tomorrow, I decided to write a list of all the reasons I'm glad I stayed alive to see this birthday. This time last year, I was determined to not even see 24; the progress I've made in just under a year has been HUGE. This is a list of 50 things… Continue reading Reasons I am glad I stayed

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The awakening

This year  I have woken up from the place where I was frozen - paralysed by my mind. The silence that was so loud in my head, now quiet. The sun is finally rising; I am no longer just watching as other people live their lives in colour I am finally feeling in colour, my… Continue reading The awakening

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*Attempting* to fill the gaps

Our responses to mental health and mental illnesses are often filled with ignorance, shame, fear, and guilt. Whilst individuals suffer in profound pain, we suffocate them in stigma and discrimination, ostracising them and separating them from society. It is clear that upon close inspection of the nature of mental health and mental illness, debates about… Continue reading *Attempting* to fill the gaps

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Insights of mental illness, from the inside

In our rapidly evolving, modern society, there is an emerging culture of questioning and challenging the prejudices that surround mental health. Important conversations are happening every day and are becoming more inclusive, yet the fact remains that some mental illnesses are considered to be ‘on trend’, more common, and therefore, more acceptable than others; unfortunately,… Continue reading Insights of mental illness, from the inside